Executive Protection

For many years the bedrock of the company’s activities and it’s operatives have run VIP and Executive protection programmes on every continent of the world.

Through the of threat and vulnerability assessment, we are able to determine the most appropriate level of protective effort and resources an individual, or group may require. The result could be some simple recommendations to affect beneficial changes in procedures, to the implementation of an Executive protection detail, including the provision of armoured vehicles and other ‘target hardening’ systems.

A client in the oilfields of Algeria.

In many parts of the world today, companies are only able to deploy their personnel on the basis that all has been done to protect their people on the ground. Without this systematic protection and the consequent increased operational risk, it is understandable that a company’s legal counsel will not sanction operations in certain geographies.

Such services demand that our operatives are able to coordinate the protective logistics, allowing the executives to proceed on their mission without distraction. Operatives must be as comfortable in the boardroom, at social functions and high-level meetings as the individual they are assigned to protect, operating at all times in a ‘low profile’ manner. It goes without saying that that also have the skills and abilities to both forsee and prevent situations, and react accordingly and appropriately should a problem occur.

Through many years of international operations, FRM has forged links with numerous indigenous security organisations, whose services have proved reliable, effective and confidential. This allows us to provide an executive protection capability in most parts of the world and to know that our advanced preparation and liaison will help ensure the safe journey of a travelling executive/s, or the continuing safety of permanently assigned ex patriates.

In one twelve month period, our senior consultants operated in such diverse geographies as South Africa, Algeria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Ukraine, Europe and the Far East

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