Training Services

From dispatching overseas training teams, instructing police and prison service personnel in defensive tactics, or delivering security awareness programmes to corporate staff, our Directors and consultants have a distinguished history of leadership and service with over 60 combined years experience in police, military and civil security.

The following outline some of our training programmes;


  • Understanding Security Risk Management
  • Travel Security Awareness
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis & Continuity Training and Simulation Programmes
  • Developing Security Awareness
  • Specialist Guard Force Training
  • Understanding Asset Security
  • Loan Worker Security


  • Advanced Executive Protection
  • Close Quarter Combat (armed and unarmed programmes)
  • Police Defensive Tactics
  • Weapon Retention & Disarm programmes
  • Anti-Surveillance and Anti-Kidnap
  • Developing Personal Security Awareness
  • Specialist Driving programmes

All training programmes can be tailored so as to be client specific. From teaching corporate executives how to avoid danger at home and abroad, we can also sharpen the skills of the police and security professionals.


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