Specialist Services

For many years Executive and VIP protection has been the bedrock of our specialist services and be it protective duties, or corporate asset protection, Future Risk has developed an international network of ‘partner’ security organisations and consultants with whom we have worked successfully ¬†for many years, giving us a true global reach.

Our operations have taken us to every continent of the world whether it has been running a protective detail in the former Soviet Union, to conducting risk and security audits in Lebanon and central Africa. Our global partnerships and years of security expertise enable us to offer a complete range of specialised security services and training, developed for, and tested in some of the world’s most non-compliant geographies.

Future Risk provides immediate response to threats against corporations, their staff and private individuals. Whether the threat is directed at an individual or organisation, Future will assess the nature of the threat and construct appropriate intervention strategies. These strategies may include investigations, coordination with law enforcement and other agencies, instigation of executive protection and ongoing threat management training for the parties concerned.

Our Specialist Services include;

  • Executive and VIP protection
  • Technical Security Counter Measures
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Crisis & Continuity Exercising
  • Event Management Planning
  • Long term threat management

Travel Risk Management & Security Consultancy

Travelers face a wide variety of threat, particularly as negative sentiment against the West hardens in many parts of the world. These threats may include military conflicts, civil unrest, dangerous neighbourhoods, organised crime, health emergencies, and political instability. At Future Risk we offer a comprehensive range of services that address today’s travel risks and challenges.

For individuals traveling to high-risk locations, we offer danger-avoidance training and personal security escorts. We can also audit whether an organisation’s security measures and travel risk management is sufficient. We can work with your company and its people to review existing travel security plans, emergency evacuation strategies and develop enhanced procedures.

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