Corporate Profile

Future Risk Management Ltd is a specialist risk and protective security consultancy, active since the mid 1980s on both a UK and international stage, with our Directors and consultants having operated in over thirty countries for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious organisations. Whilst our work in the field of Executive Protection (EP) remains a fundamental service area, this now, more commonly, takes place as an ancillary service to the other, corporate risk programmes we deliver.

The company is a consultancy, specialising in security risk issues, that is, those ’downside’ risks, which are the product of natural hazards, or human threats. Services extend to the provision of detailed risk assessments and security audits, the preparation of risk informed security strategies and the construction of policy and procedural documentation.

Our key philosophy is that we should be an organisation with which clients will want to do business, one that becomes an extension of their own operation – “a partner rather than just a supplier.”

The company has consulted for a broad client base, including blue chip organisations, government departments, national institutions and private companies. The company’s success is based on the provision of high quality service, tailored to a client’s individual needs and corporate culture. We recognised many years ago that companies of all sizes often adopt a piecemeal approach to their security and risk issues. The larger the global reach of the organisation, often the more disparate its approach to an integrated security programme.

Also, it is our experience that even those companies with a very strong corporate philosophy often fall woefully short of applying their normal corporate disciplines to issues not ‘core’ to their business. This may simply be due to ignorance of the range of threats or hazards, be it industrial espionage, theft, extortion, random violence, or strategic attack, to name but a few but, more likely, time, resources and expertise are unavailable to devote to such problems.

“No security programme can be effective unless it is based on a clear understanding of the actual risks it is designed to control and the value of the programme, and resources expended on it, depend on its appropriateness and relevance of resources.” 

At Future Risk, all the necessary consultancy expertise, training and technical services are available under one roof, so as to achieve a common and ordered approach to a company’s or individual’s needs.

Future Risk’s experience is international. It’s Directors have, over nearly thirty years, as we mention above, operated in some thirty countries, many being difficult third world geographies, advising on regional risk; providing risk and security strategies, integration of systems  and training for companies establishing operations in emerging, often difficult markets; and, additionally, providing specialist manpower for the personal protection of senior personnel.

A sample of organisations and companies we have consulted for and/or delivered specialist training;

British Petroleum, Unilever, Novartis, Mercedes-Benz (UK), European Medicines Agency (EMEA), BT, Centrica, BMW (UK), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Mastercard, American Standard, Glock Corporation, Caterpillar, School of  Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), World Bank, Computer Associates (CA),, American University of Beirut, Mars Corporation, Chartis/AIG, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wrigley Corporation, Kellogs, ADM (USA), Media City – Salford (Peel Holdings), BSkyB, Leeds City Council, UK Home Office (National Police Training), BAE Systems, UKAEA, OFQUAL, H.M Prison Service, Wellcome Trust, U.K. MOD Police, Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), etc.

FRM Operating Principles

  1. Our goal is to be a hundred per cent client focussed.
  2. Our clients can always expect us to deliver the best available quality and confidentiality.
  3. To be recognised for our attention to detail and consistency of service.
  4. To build on our knowledge and build long-term relationships with our clients.
  5. To recognise the importance of our people in all aspects of our operation

The company’s success is based on the provision of high quality service, tailored to a client’s specific needs.

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